My name is Rebecca Susan Feng Young and I am running for the office of San Francisco Public Defender.

A world class city deserves a world class Public Defender and yet under the current leadership, there has been a tragic loss of focus on the office’s core mission, that is – to represent our clients with quality and integrity. There is now a disturbing shift away from this vision to the point where the safety, equality and respect for experienced workers at all levels of the office – especially women, is severely compromised.

Attorneys have backbreaking caseloads. Attorneys and staff are demoralized. It is my intention to unify the office and restore the excellent advocacy and camaraderie that the late, acclaimed Public Defender, Jeff Adachi, established. During his tenure I worked with Jeff, as a managing attorney, while he organized the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office into what became the nationwide model for how indigent criminal defense services should function – focused on client-centered representation with equal opportunity for growth and advancement.